Travel Stories


We would like to hear your stories of fulfilling that mission. This is your forum to share your stories of serving your patients, receiving awards or even saving a patient’s life. TRS internal employees, healthcare providers and others looking to become a healthcare provider will read your stories and find inspiration, motivation and a feeling of being a part of something larger than themselves. Go ahead, share and inspire!

Right Place, Right Time

The scene was fresh, intense and full of devastation. The 100-degree desert heat didn’t seem to make things any better. A two-car crash just happened on a dangerous corner of a mountainside road. Luckily, those in one car escaped without any major injuries, or even...

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Nancy J. Hendershott, RN

I have worked in Surgery for thirty years. I love my career, I am very passionate about giving excellent care for my patients. I gave birth to two sons Andrew and Samuel. I have one beautiful granddaughter Carmen Victoria! Throughout my career I have challenged my...

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Above And Beyond

It was an amazing day for Vickie Barker, RN. A patient at the hospital where she was working needed a ride back to his vehicle in a rural area of western New Mexico, and Vickie offered to take him on her day off work. Not only did she drive him to where he needed to...

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